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Child sickness no reason to deny visitation

Parents who are working together to co-parent their kids following a breakup or divorce need empathy and compassion. Without those things, co-parenting can deteriorate into a battle of bitterness and anger with the parents using the children as weapons to hurt one another. Texas law has safeguards in place to ensure that the non-custodial parent is afforded visitation according to the terms of the possession order, but some parents look for reasons to deny visitation even if it's against the law.

What to do in a child custody dispute

It is important for parents who may need to negotiate child custody or who are involved in a custody dispute to understand Texas law. Every state's law is different regarding child custody, and research into those laws can help. Even within a state, jurisdictions could differ as well.

How to co-parent with a toxic ex

In ideal situations, divorced spouses in Texas and elsewhere can get along well enough to peacefully co-parent their children. However, some exes have toxic personalities that make co-parenting difficult or impossible. Here are some tips on dealing with former spouses who refuse to get along for the sake of the kids.

How to determine a visitation schedule for an infant

When Texas parents of infants are going through a divorce, it might mean they need to work out a visitation schedule for the child. This can start small, with visits that are just around a half an hour or several hours a few times each week. The aim at this early change is to allow the child and parent to bond, and this will be enough time to establish the connection.

What to do about concerns in visitation agreements

Reaching an agreement on custody and visitation can be the most difficult part of the divorce process for many parents in Texas. This becomes even more stressful if one parent believes there is a reason to deny visitation to the other parent. While courts may agree with this assessment in some cases, parents should proceed carefully before not allowing the other parent to see their child.

Custodial parents have several key responsibilities

Separated parents in Texas with primary custody have several unique child-rearing responsibilities. It's important to understand that custody can include legal custody (the right to decide on a child's medical care, upbringing and education) as well as physical custody (the place where the child lives most of the time). These types of custody can be shared differently among parents. Even if one parent has primary custody, however, he or she is still responsible for sticking to the visitation schedule with the noncustodial parent.

Ex-spouses can successfully work together raising kids

A number of Texas parents will have to co-parent children when they are no longer together with the other parent. While some parents struggle through this, others can raise their children in a cooperative, supportive and successful environment. This takes effort and dedication from both parents.

Adele files for divorce

Texas residents who follow celebrity gossip may be aware that Adele and her husband have separated. The 15-time Grammy Award winner filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles court on Sept. 12 citing irreconcilable differences as her reason. Adele is believed to have married her long-time boyfriend in May 2018. The couple are parents to a 6-year-old boy.

Courts commonly consider certain factors in custody cases

Family courts in Texas base their child custody decisions on the general standard of the best interests of the child. This standard gives a judge broad discretion to make decisions and allows for the consideration of many different factors in arriving at a determination. Child custody situations can be hard to predict because their outcomes may vary widely based on the judge and specific facts of the case. There are, though, a few factors that are likely to be considered in the large majority of instances.

How joint custody rights could influence child support orders

For parents who share custody of their children, it may still be necessary for one parent to pay child support to the other. Typically, Texas state law will determine whether a parent who has joint physical custody of a child will need to make formal support payments. In some cases, the amount of support owed will be reduced by the amount of time that a parent has the child.

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