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Protecting Your Investment In Your Home During The Divorce Process

For many people, their homes represent a large financial and emotional investment. But when divorce is on the horizon, difficult decisions must be made. Does it make sense financially to keep your home? What sacrifices will you have to make in order to keep your home after divorce? Are there creative financial solutions that can enable you to keep your home?

At M. J. Hill & Associates, PLLC, in San Marcos, Texas, our divorce lawyers have answers to these and other questions about property and divorce. We provide results-oriented representation in divorce and property division matters, working hard to place our clients in the strongest financial position possible. With our extensive experience and knowledge concerning such matters, we can help you make the decisions that are right for you.

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Keeping Your Home After Divorce

When advising and representing you regarding the disposition of your home, we will consider many important questions such as:

  • Will you have sufficient income to cover the mortgage payments?
  • Will you be able to pay your property taxes, utility bills and routine maintenance costs?
  • Is it possible to refinance the home to lower your monthly mortgage payments?
  • Can other provisions in the property settlement provide the funds that can enable you to keep the home?

A different set of questions must be asked in situations where the value of the home is less than or close to the outstanding amount of the mortgage. If your home is underwater or close to being underwater, it may make sense to let the house go through foreclosure. Whatever your circumstances, attorney Matthew J. Hill will thoroughly review your case, and help you make sound decisions about your home and your future.

Creative Solutions To Property Division Problems

What happens to the house? We can provide the guidance you need. M. J. Hill & Associates, PLLC, has advised many people regarding property division issues involving home ownership. We have the experience and resources needed to analyze the issues in your case and provide creative solutions for people facing this problem. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Learn More About Home Ownership Options Following Divorce

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