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Solutions-Oriented Approach To Property Division

From a purely legal standpoint, division of property is usually one of the more straightforward aspects of divorce, yet it can also be among the most contentious.

There are two types of property under Texas law: separate property and community property. Separate property is property you owned prior to your marriage, property you acquired as a gift during the marriage or property you acquired through inheritance. Separate property generally remains your property after divorce.

Community property is most simply summarized as property you acquired during the marriage. Regarding division of community property, Texas law simply requires a court to do so in a “just and right” manner. What is “just and right” hinges upon many factors.

At M. J. Hill & Associates, PLLC, our experienced divorce lawyers make every effort to ensure that you keep your separate property and receive your fair share of the community property.

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Solutions-Oriented Representation

Don’t forget about debt. Divorcing couples often focus on the property they own and forget about what they owe to creditors. Marital debt is “equitably” distributed in the same manner as assets. It is important to retain an experienced family law attorney to protect your interests.

Valuation of property in a divorce case is critical and sometimes complicated, particularly in high-asset divorces. Homes may need to be valued by an expert appraiser. Businesses may require a trained business valuation specialist or another expert.

As with other divorce issues that we work on with our clients, we adopt a solutions-oriented approach to property division. It does not make sense to accrue more in legal fees arguing over property than it would cost to replace those same items. Family law lawyer Matthew J. Hill has a proven track record of helping couples reach agreements on property division without always resorting to fighting in court.

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