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It is common for an ex-spouse to move to another state or country after a divorce. To ease the problem of obtaining satisfactory enforcement or modification of a support decree in such a situation, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) was enacted. UIFSA sets forth procedures for:

  • Enforcing another state’s support order against an obligor who lives or works in Texas
  • Enforcing a Texas support order against an obligor who lives or works outside Texas
  • Modifying another state’s child support order in a Texas court
  • Establishing parentage and a support order when the supported family resides in one state and the obligor resides in another

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Applicable Laws Concerning Interstate And International Family Law Matters

UIFSA’s application is limited to the United States, territories of the United States, and foreign countries or political subdivisions that have: (1) been declared to be a foreign reciprocating country or political subdivision under federal law, (2) established a reciprocal arrangement for child support with Texas, or (3) enacted a law or established procedures for issuance and enforcement of support orders that are substantially similar to the procedures under UIFSA. UIFSA allows you to “follow” your ex-spouse by filing a petition where you reside and having the decree registered in a court in your ex-spouse’s own state.

Another uniform law was enacted to facilitate application of the full faith and credit doctrine to judgments of courts in foreign jurisdictions — the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (UEFJA). UEFJA does not apply to judgments and decrees rendered by courts of foreign countries. The law does provide a procedure for enforcing a judgment of another court in the United States by filing an authenticated copy of the judgment with the clerk of any court of competent jurisdiction in Texas.

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