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Helping Enforce Family Law Orders

Once your divorce is final, your former spouse or the other parent of your child may ignore the court’s orders or fail to follow the terms of the agreement. Your former spouse or the other parent of your child may:

  • Refuse to follow child custody terms
  • Refuse to follow conservatorship or the visitation schedule
  • Fail to pay child support
  • Fail to turn over property following a marital property division
  • Violate a restraining order or injunction
  • Fail to pay spousal maintenance payments as required by the divorce agreement or judge

Alternatively, if you are being served with an enforcement or contempt action, we will vigorously defend you and work toward the best resolution possible.

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Vigorously Protecting Your Rights

At the law firm of M. J. Hill & Associates, PLLC, in San Marcos, Texas, we understand how important it is that you and your children get the support you are owed, as well as the importance of being treated fairly when you are accused of being behind on support obligations or not adhering to your divorce agreement.

Our founding attorney is experienced in representing former spouses and concerned parents in enforcement proceedings. Hiring an experienced attorney is the safest way to protect your interests and your child’s interests.

Child custody and visitation arrangements are legally binding court orders. If the other party is refusing to allow you to see your children or is keeping them beyond the scheduled visitation periods, we can explain all of your options, including court enforcement.

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to seek child custody enforcement across state and national borders. A complex set of laws govern national and international custody and parenting time disputes. We represent clients in cases involving interstate custody disputes and international child abduction.

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