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Those who spend more on the wedding more likely to get divorced

With divorce rates in Texas and across the nation hovering at about 50 percent, there have been many studies searching for reasons why divorces occur. One study found that the amount of money that a couple spends on a wedding could be a risk indicator for whether or not the marriage will end in divorce.

Common mistakes to avoid in a divorce

There are a number of mistakes people in Texas who are getting a divorce might want to make sure they avoid. Often, those mistakes are driven by emotion. For example, a person might agree to unfavorable divorce terms because of feeling guilty or because of a desire to get the divorce over with quickly. Anger can lead people to try to seek revenge during the process, and this can mean a longer and more costly divorce.

Preventing financial errors during divorce negotiations

Negotiating a divorce settlement is a complex process, as many Texas residents have discovered, that can sometimes lead to preventable errors with serious financial consequences post-divorce. However, beginning the negotiation process with knowledge about their own financial position and some financial education can be a significant help in avoiding some of the potential mistakes.

Five reasons a prenuptial agreement may not hold up in court

As wedding season gets underway, you may be reminded of that blissful time before your wedding, when the future was bright and hopeful. Now, sadly, that time is long gone, and you may be worried about the impact of a prenuptial agreement on your divorce proceedings.

The benefits of a prenuptial agreement

When a Texas resident is planning to get married, it can be a good idea to discuss a prenuptial agreement. Having such an agreement can reduce or eliminate the chance that a person's wealth is lost in a divorce. Those who come from wealthy families can also reduce or eliminate the chance that wealth generated by their parents is not lost if a marriage comes to an end.

Divorce and dividing a business

Texas business owners who are getting divorced have much at stake when it comes to what will happen with their business, as the business may be one of the most significant assets they have. Dividing marital assets can be a lengthy process made even more complicated if the assets include a business owned by one or both parties.

Financial divorce risks increase with age

Individuals considering a marital split later in life must often deal with increased financial repercussions related to the aging process. Texans over 50 should realize that divorcing later in life means less time to recoup financial losses or establish individual incomes than if the same events happen during their younger years. More older couples are facing a financial reckoning with continued increases in the over-50 divorce rate.

Dealing with financial separation in a divorce

When couples in Texas decide to divorce, disentangling marital finances can be complicated. In fact, for many divorcing couples, the financial aspects of the end of a marriage can far outweigh the personal or emotional consequences. In addition, when considering the future after divorce, it can be particularly important to prepare for a healthy financial life, especially for couples who choose to separate later than life and have fewer opportunities to rebuild their assets. When people are planning for divorce, it can be important to take steps to protect one's financial health.

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