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High Asset Divorce Archives

Using a trust to protect your assets in divorce

When you think of a trust, you're likely to think of it as a tool rich families use to pass their wealth from one generation to the next. But a trust is a multifaceted entity that serves a number of purposes, and they are being utilized more and more each day. It turns out that trusts can even help with protecting assets in the event of a divorce. But how?

Protecting your retirement through divorce

Continuing this series, we'll now discuss how to keep your retirement savings safe from derailing if you and your spouse get a divorce later in life. We know that divorce can take a toll on the finances, especially when those finances are now split between both parties. So, the more assets you can protect, the better. Here's what you can do to protect your retirement savings when faced with this dilemma.

Protecting your sole proprietor business in divorce

Your business is your baby. You poured long days and sleepless nights into its creation and growth. You fostered and nurtured it, spending resources you may not have had at the time, but believed so greatly that your business would be a success that you took the financial risk anyways. It even seem as if your spouse had very little to do with your success, but under Texas' marital community property laws, he or she will be entitled to half the ownership or half the value in a property agreement. If you are facing that concern, there are certain steps you can take in the event you are considering divorce, or are concerned it may be a possibility in the future. 

Does your spouse have a right to your inheritance in divorce?

If you're in the initial stages or well into the divorce process, you're probably concerned about many things. There are rising court costs, finding the right lawyer, and if you have children, you might be in the middle of an exhausting custody battle. The last thing you want to do is to add another stressor to your already overflowing plate.

New tax law makes a big change to alimony

Divorcing couples in Texas may be interested in changes to the tax law that could affect them financially. Alimony will no longer be taxable or deductible after the new law takes effect in 2019. The change reportedly has divorcing couples and even some lawyers confused.

Tech industry divorces in Texas can be complex

Divorce is always a difficult time for people facing the end of a marriage. There are an array of personal, practical and emotional challenges that accompany a divorce, and coordinating the separation of a combined life can be one of the foremost difficulties. This is especially true when the financial complexities of a high-asset divorce are present.

Dividing art collections in high-asset divorces

In Texas high-asset divorces, collections of art are often at issue. It can be difficult to value them, and their value o may exceed that of the homes in which they are displayed. There are things that people can do to protect themselves before they get married when one spouse has a significant art collection.

What are some common reasons why a prenup is invalidated?

Prenuptial agreements provide many crucial legal protections to the spouses that sign the document. However, there is this idea that prenups somehow can't be taken down in a legal challenge. There are actually many different reasons why a spouse could challenge a prenuptial agreement, and ultimately succeed with that challenge. Part or all of the prenuptial agreement could be invalidated in these cases:

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