The first holiday season after divorce requires adjustment

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Child Custody

The year of firsts when you end a marriage comes with some circumstances that are rather challenging. If you have children, the winter holiday season is one that might pose some unique challenges. You and your ex must do what’s best for the children, even if it isn’t that easy on the adults.

There are some special considerations that you need to think about this time of year. It’s imperative that you consider how your children feel during this holiday season, especially if it’s the first one since you and your ex split. Take the time to plan activities based on what the children need. This might require some compromise for both parents. Being willing to do this can help the children thrive.

Supporting the children

Some holiday events are going to be very special to your children. Try to find ways to make those possible for them. In some cases, this could mean that you and your ex both need to be there to support them. Events like school concerts are likely to fall into this category.

Creating new traditions

You may find that the traditions you had during your marriage aren’t possible now. You and your children might enjoy making new traditions. This enables you to take the parenting time schedule into account so that you can make the most use of the time you have with the kids.

Your parenting plan is the backbone of everything that has to do with the children. Taking the time to set this up with their best interests at heart is crucial. It’s especially important to review the holiday schedule so you and your ex can help the children with adjusting to the new way of life.