Spouses and hidden assets: What to know

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In a divorce, you’re supposed to be honest about your marital assets so they can be fairly divided by the courts — but not everyone does what they should. You think your spouse is hiding assets.

If you look online for tips and tricks to uncover any assets your spouse may be hiding, there is no shortage of ideas. 

How can you determine if your spouse is hiding assets?

Every situation is different, but here are some things that you should consider suspicious:

  • Their recent acquisition of expensive items
  • Discussions of investment opportunities
  • Any claims that they owe a friend or family member for a personal loan
  • Bank or credit card statements they don’t want you to see
  • Hiding the tax returns or other important documents

Some places to check for hidden assets include:

  • Government business registration websites
  • Home safes records
  • Intellectual property registration websites
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • County property tax records (for ownership of additional homes or rental units)

Blank checks may provide a treasure trove of information about a corporation that they have. County property records, such as deeds, may shed light on additional details about a property, including valuable mineral rights that may exist. 

Texas Family Code Chapter 7 outlines the state’s position that hiding assets in a divorce is fraud. It describes how a family law judge can refer a spouse who engages in such actions over to the criminal court system to be prosecuted. Family law judges generally punish a spouse by allocating a more significant share of the marital assets to the upfront spouse.

You deserve your fair of all marital assets in your Texas divorce. The only way to ensure you get what you’re due is to leave no stone unturned in uncovering as many assets as you can.

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