3 mistakes people make when they divorce without a lawyer

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce can be an expensive experience. Not only do you have to pay for court costs, but you will likely have to split everything you own with your ex. Some people try to make divorce cheaper by filing paperwork without the representation or guidance of an attorney.

Although this approach seems smart, it leaves people in a vulnerable position. If you file your own divorce without an attorney, you could potentially fall victim to one of the three common pro se divorce mistakes below.

You waste time demanding the impossible

Many people set unrealistic goals for divorce that an attorney could explain aren’t possible. For example, asking for sole custody just because you don’t want to see your ex likely won’t overcome the state’s presumption that shared custody is best for the kids. Your lawyer can help you understand state law and establish reasonable expectations.

You take your ex at their word regarding financial matters

If you don’t have an attorney to negotiate and advocate for you, you may have a hard time pushing for fairness. For example, you might just accept your ex’s inventory of assets and the valuation they put on certain property without any expert review. You could effectively deprive yourself of thousands of dollars worth of community property by letting your ex call the shots.

You hurt the way the courts perceive you through your actions

Emotions run hot during divorce, and trying to litigate in court without an attorney might mean that you end up becoming emotional. A lawyer is a professional who will stay calm and focus on the big picture regardless of what frustrating things your spouse does or says in court.

Getting the right support when you file for a Texas divorce can help you achieve success and move on to a better future.