Money won’t prevent a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Divorce

When you hear someone say that financial problems caused their divorce, you likely assume that they mean they didn’t have enough money, they ran into a lot of financial stress, and it took a toll on the relationship. And it is true that this scenario plays out time and time again. 

However, don’t make the jump to assuming that having a high level of assets means you won’t get divorced. In fact, some researchers suggest that it’s more likely, pointing to the fact that economic growth often leads to increases in divorce filings

Why is prosperity associated with divorce?

There are a few reasons that this happens, starting with the simple fact that money doesn’t fix other issues in a marriage. If you’re divorcing an unfaithful partner or someone you’ve fallen out of love with, earning more money changes nothing. 

Another potential reason is that couples who are both well off may feel free to choose divorce, while couples with less may feel financially dependent on one another. The marriage, even if it’s an unhappy one, is the only support they have. Someone who isn’t worried about money can choose divorce as they wish. 

Finally, even a couple with a lot of money can have such high bills that they have essentially the same financial stress as a couple with a far lower income. This same stress could take its own toll, even if it’s happening on a much higher budget. 

Your rights during a high-asset divorce

If you are getting a divorce and you have significant and complicated assets, make sure you are well aware of your legal options and your rights. Protecting your future starts with a proactive approach to your marital divide.