Telling the kids about your divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Divorce

Talking to your children about your upcoming divorce can be very difficult. You know that you have to have this conversation at some point, but you’re also aware that your children may be stressed or concerned when they hear the news.

To help them the most, you need to know exactly how to have this conversation. Below are a few tips that can help.

Make the conversation a group event

It may sound easier to have individual conversations, but you want that first conversation to include all of your children — and your spouse. It’s very difficult if children find out from their siblings. Make sure everyone knows what’s happening at once, and then have one-on-one conversations as needed.

Reassure the children at every turn

Children need assurance and support, not just answers. Show them that you still love them and you’re going to be there for them. If they’re worried about it, make sure to tell them that the divorce is in no way their fault.

Consider the children’s ages before you start

For very young children, divorce is an abstract topic that they don’t even understand. For teens, divorce is something they’ve probably seen their friends go through. Remember that kids of all ages need slightly different things at this time, and offer them the support, answers and information that they need.

Moving forward with the divorce

Once you break the news about your divorce, you still need to be there for the children as your divorce moves forward. Make sure you know how you can put them first in all of the legal decisions that you make.