What issues do separated co-parents often fight about?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2020 | Child Custody

Let’s face it. The idea of co-parenting or harmoniously raising your kids with your ex may seem like a fantasy. You may ideally want to get to a place where you two can amicably discuss things among yourselves without getting attorneys or judges involved, but not have the slightest idea for how to get there. If you know what parents often argue about, then you may be able to devise strategies for tackling such conflicts with your ex.

Common reasons for conflict among co-parents

Parents who’ve recently split often feel bitter about their break-up. They may have difficulty communicating with one another and start accusing one another of not listening or caring about their feelings. It can adversely impact your child’s mental and physical health when heated discussions happen in front of them and leave them thinking that they’re to blame for a whole host of problems. A child’s inadequate feelings may only increase if one of their parents insists on repeatedly bad-mouthing the other.

Moms or dads often struggle with splitting their parenting time with their ex. They also have a hard time not knowing what goes on at their child’s other parent’s house. Differing parenting styles can make for conflict. Co-parents who cannot get on the same page to raise their kids may find themselves frequently in and out of their attorneys’ offices or court litigating their cases.

Another issue that often causes problems between co-parents is when one wants to mess with the visitation or custody schedule. A relocation, impromptu vacation or job change are just some of the many reasons that may motivate a parent to seek a modification. It’s not uncommon for moms and dads to push back on any changes, especially if they reduce their parenting time.

What to do if you and your ex aren’t seeing eye-to-eye

The prospect of your and your ex resolving differences among yourselves may seem impossible. An experienced family law attorney may be able to help you two sort your differences out. Your San Marcos lawyer will want to know more about what outcome you’d like to achieve in your Texas case before sitting down with your ex or their attorney to try and broker a solution that will work for all parties involved.