Use these tips to help deal with a difficult divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Divorce

No one deserves to have to go through a drawn-out divorce. It’s not normal not to be able to come to resolutions, and it’s unfair to put someone who is willing to negotiate through such a long process just because two people can’t get along. 

There are some people who intentionally delay divorces. Why? They might want to run up the tab on the cost of the spouse’s legal representation. They may want to get the other person to cave into their demands. That kind of behavior is truly unacceptable.

As someone dealing with a difficult divorce, you may be unsure how to cope. Here are a few good ideas for handling this situation:

  1. Advocate for yourself. Let your attorney know about any conversations that show that your spouse is intentionally delaying your divorce. If they are being aggressive or threatening, that information should be sent to the court. A judge will not look kindly upon anyone who drags out a divorce out of hatred or just to be difficult.
  2. Have your documents prepared. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to move forward with the divorce. If you do have to go through a divorce trial, being organized will help you seek the results you want.
  3. Ask for your attorney’s fees back. When you do get to court, explain what happened and ask the judge to make your ex-spouse cover your attorney’s fees. If you can show that they intentionally delayed the divorce and made a lot of frivolous filings just to make you spend more money, the judge may agree.

These tips can help you protect yourself and move your divorce forward. Your attorney will be there to help prevent delays and encourage resolutions, so you can settle this matter.