Special considerations in a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce among the over 50s has been increasing in Texas and the country as a whole. Maybe it is like Zoom. Older people once thought it was too complicated or not for their generation. Then, seeing how it worked for their children, they realized the benefits and that it can work regardless of age.

If you are looking at divorce when in your 50s or 60s, these are some special considerations:

  • Social security benefits: Ending your marriage could affect your entitlement. If you have been married for nine years, it may pay to hold onto your marriage until you meet the 10 years of marriage required for a partner to claim benefits.
  • Health insurance: If you are insured via your husband’s policy, consider the cost of replacing this. Depending on your age and any pre-existing conditions, you could struggle to get insurance without paying exorbitant amounts.
  • Life insurance: If your husband dies before you, you would likely benefit from their policy. However, if you divorce, they may remove you as a beneficiary. If they remarry or start seeing someone else, they may pass it on to them, even though you were married for many years.
  • Living arrangements: If divorcing, you will likely need two homes. If you have spent 40 years tending to your garden, consider if you are willing to give it up. Finances may mean you could only afford to live in a small apartment.
  • Family dynamics: These can change when you divorce. As you get older, the family can play an essential role in caring for you. Maybe you get on really well with your daughter in law who lives nearby. Would she visit so frequently if you divorce her dad?

Divorce is the right option for many people in San Marcos, whatever their age. If considering it, make sure you understand all the implications.