Parenting with a narcissistic ex

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Child Custody

Parenting with an ex is a difficult situation for most people, but it gets even more complex when the ex is narcissistic. Trying to ensure that the kids’ best interests remain at the heart of the situation can be tough, but there are some ways that you might be able to make the situation a little better.

First, try to remain emotionally detached from your ex’s tactics. A narcissist needs to feel powerful. Giving them any reaction to their antics will do this. For some people, dealing with an ex only through things like a court-monitored parenting app or attorneys is the only way to ensure that they remain detached.

Second, remember that compromise isn’t usually possible. A narcissistic person doesn’t accept anything other than their ideal solution. This makes it virtually impossible to work out the terms of the parenting plan through mediation or similar methods. You may also find that even trying to discuss common parenting matters is challenging.

Third, be prepared to help your children to deal with the situation. Divorce is a huge change, and it comes with intense emotions. Unfortunately, a narcissist might not be able to empathize with the children, so it may fall on your shoulders to help them cope with their feelings and find productive ways to work through the new way of life.

Finally, ensure that you have a solid parenting plan. This document outlines the responsibilities for both parents. It must be tailored to what the children need now, and it is possible to modify it as their needs change. Your attorney can help you ensure that it includes all the important points.