One reason not to keep your home in divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Property Division

You probably hear people talk a fair amount about how they would like to keep their homes during a divorce. They may talk about not wanting to “lose the home” to their ex or how they’re sad that they have to sell it because there’s no other way to split assets.

Well, as with anything in life, it is wise to consider both sides carefully. With that in mind, let’s look at one reason you should embrace moving out of your house, especially if you have no choice.

The reason is that marriage and homes are intrinsically tied together. Maybe you spent decades in the home together, raising children. Maybe you got married before buying the house, so it has only ever been a home that both of you owned together.

In situations like this, people report feeling stuck in the past. It can be hard to move forward in your life if you’re still living in the past and thinking about how things used to be.

In that sense, you can look at selling the home and buying a new one as a fresh start. This is a place that you get to be on your own. You get to create your own life. You get to make whatever you want out of it. There is a certain amount of freedom in that that can be hard to find otherwise. If you’re feeling stressed at the thought of losing your house, it may help to instead focus on the positives that this change can represent.

Of course, as you move through this complex process, you also need to know what legal rights you have.