Compromise and flexibility are important for divorced co-parents

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Child Custody

Disagreements are an inevitability in shared parenting, even if you still have a great relationship with your co-parent. Even happily married couples can sometimes wind up in protracted disagreements related to parenting decisions.

Divorced couples co-parenting together will struggle with disagreements. The more adversarial your relationship with your ex is, the harder it will be to resolve your co-parenting conflicts. Trying to stay flexible and working toward compromises with your ex can go a long way toward making things easier on your whole family.

Remember that your parenting plan isn’t written in stone

Unfortunately, it is common for divorced parents to sometimes use the specific terms in their parenting plan to punish or control their ex. For example, some call the police any time the other parent is late for custody exchange and even take their own children without the other parent’s permission.

When you can’t agree, you may need to compromise. Maybe you think that your children should never have more than 2 hours of screen time a day, but your ex doesn’t see a need to impose any limit whatsoever. In a situation like that, you will likely be hard-pressed to enforce your personal preferences at your ex’s home.

Working with one another and compromising to find a middle ground that will provide consistency for your kids and stability for your co-parenting relationship will be a better option than both of you digging in your heels and insisting your approach is better. Although it can be hard to work with an ex-spouse, your kids depend on the two of you to set your conflicts aside and keep the focus on them.