Will your demanding career impact custody in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Child Custody

The balance between job responsibilities and family obligations is difficult to maintain in the best of circumstances. When your family goes through a particularly difficult time, like a divorce, maintaining balance can require even more effort.

Some people bury themselves in their jobs as a way to deal with their emotional pain, while others may have never had obligations during the day or while at work because their spouse always managed them. If you work in a demanding profession, will your job obligations impact your custody rights in a Texas divorce?

What impact does your job have on custody?

Having a job can help demonstrate that you are financially stable enough to provide for the needs of your children. However, if your work requires long hours or travel, that could influence your availability when your children need you.

The Texas family courts have years of experience and helping families with one or two working parents figure out solutions that allow them to balance custody demands with professional obligations. Just having a demanding job is not a reason for the courts to deny you shared custody or visitation. However, the unique requirements of your profession may influence the exact terms the courts set.

The goal in custody proceedings is always what’s best for the kids

The primary concern that guides how the courts rule in custody proceedings in a Texas divorce will always be the best interest of the children. Having both parents involved in their lives is usually the best case scenario for children in a family affected by divorce. As such, even if your job makes you unavailable at times, you can likely request shared custody, even if it isn’t 50-50 custody. Your family law attorney can help you.