How to prevent a fighting match during quality time

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Divorce

Many married couples are spending more time together than ever because they are working from home, home-schooling and reducing their travel. For some spouses, it’s a blessing in disguise. However, most partners may feel the tension rise as they spend more and more time at home.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent a rapid decline in your relationship while you spend 24 hours, seven days a week, with your partner.

Keep your conversations open

When couples are restricted to their homes, it’s challenging to find time to have an open, honest conversation about your stress, emotions or frustrations. Take some time each week to vocalize what’s going through your mind with your partner. Express what is weighing down on you and how you can fix the situation together.

Find an activity to do on your own

Everyone needs alone time, even from their partners. It’s healthy to find a hobby that you can participate in alone. Maybe you can pick up a yoga practice, enjoy a daily walk outside or find a quiet space to read for one hour a day. It gives you time apart in a crowded circumstance. The only caveat is your partner deserves the same alone time, so respect their space.

Still have a “Date Night.”

Instead of hitting a restaurant or a movie, try to have date nights at home. You can Netflix and chill or find new activities to try together. For example, if you have beautiful weather, have a picnic on the patio or in a local park. Or you can embrace your situation and build a fort inside the house. Date night is a great time to reconnect, especially during stressful periods.

It’s important to know that most couples are in the same, uncertain situation as you. You don’t need to be perfect to make your relationship work – especially if your relationship wasn’t working in the first place. Find tips that work for you and consider additional actions afterward if necessary.