Traveling for work could end your marriage

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | High Asset Divorce

You run your own company. It’s grown from a domestic business to an international business. You have offices all over the world, and you have spent the last few years traveling extensively. You spend half of your time away from home.

In a lot of ways, this hard work and dedication is great for your family. You are making more money than you ever have. Your family has all of the latest tech, brand new cars and a large house in a beautiful neighborhood. From the outside, it appears to be nothing but success, and most people assume your family is very happy and stable.

However, studies have shown that excessive business travel can actually put a lot of strain on a marriage. It could lead to a divorce. One study found these results:

  • When asked if spending too much time at work and not at home will bring about consequences, 91% of Americans said it would.
  • When asked if this lifestyle increased their stress, 75% claimed it did.
  • When asked if it would lead to divorce or the end of a romantic relationship, 70% said that it could.

This doesn’t just mean business travel, either. Long hours at the office could contribute. Spending time outside of work hours with clients could play a role. Anything that keeps you away from your family and your spouse could increase the odds that the two of you will eventually get divorced.

If you do, make sure you know what options you have. As a wealthy business owner with a lot of assets, you definitely have too much at stake to take it lightly.