How to determine a visitation schedule for an infant

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Child Custody

When Texas parents of infants are going through a divorce, it might mean they need to work out a visitation schedule for the child. This can start small, with visits that are just around a half an hour or several hours a few times each week. The aim at this early change is to allow the child and parent to bond, and this will be enough time to establish the connection.

Some primary caregivers may struggle with giving up the child even for a few hours. For a new parent, it can seem that no one else will be able to interpret the child’s needs. However, the other parent can learn just as the custodial parent did. The custodial parent can talk to the other parent about the baby’s routines. Visits can be scheduled around these routines as well.

An overnight visitation schedule might be possible although some courts only order overnight visits after the child reaches a certain age. Breastfeeding mothers may be uncomfortable with longer or overnight visits. They should try to get to the root of the discomfort so it can be addressed. It might be necessary for a breastfeeding mother to pump. The parents might also switch to formula use at least part of the time.

Parents may be able to reach an agreement about child custody, visitation and support without going to court. Even if the child is not an infant at the time the agreement is made, it may be necessary to modify these agreements over time. For example, the child might add some extracurricular activities that parents need to work around. If one parent has a significant change in circumstances, such as job loss, it may be necessary to modify the child support amounts. Parents should get the legal document modified for any major changes even if they agree on them informally.