Dealing with custody issues when taking your child on vacation

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If you do not have full custody of your kids, you will undoubtedly want to make sure that you spend quality time with your children. You may decide that you want to take them overseas on vacation, as this can be a great way to make memories together. However, you may also be concerned about what the other parent will have to say about this.

If you are putting together vacation plans, it is important that you plan for possible challenges. If you believe that the other parent may object to your plans, make sure that you communicate with them from the start. The following are some things to do to ensure that your family vacation is a success.

Ensure that you are not violating your custody agreement

You have the responsibility to know the fine print of your custody agreement. Some custody agreements set geographical limits regarding where you can travel with your children. This may mean that you cannot travel out of Texas or out of the country as your custody agreement currently stands. If you want to travel overseas with your kids, you will need to get a custody modification that allows for travel.

Stick to your vacation plans

The further you can plan in advance and solidify your itinerary, the less likely it is that disputes will arise with the other parent. Before booking flights or accommodations, talk things over with your ex. If you have any suspicion that there might be a conflict in the future, consider drafting a vacation schedule and having your ex sign off on it.

Allow for communication

Children often get homesick when on vacation, and they will want to have frequent contact with their other parent. Always allow your children to do this. This will likely benefit both the child and the other parent emotionally, and it will help to avoid disputes between you and the other parent.

If you are concerned about the potential problems that could arise when attempting to take your children on vacation, take the time to fully understand the law.