How to raise stable, happy children after a split

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Child Custody

Life after the end of a relationship can be challenging. One of the main concerns that Texas parents have is how to help their children grow up healthy and happy after splitting up. Parents can work together to raise their children, making decisions in the best interest of the children that protect their children’s emotional health and stability after divorce.

When parents discuss and negotiate child custody, they will usually design a parenting plan to help guide them in raising their children. With many couples who are co-parenting children, some issues can arise that parents need to be aware of before starting this new part of their lives. How parents choose to handle these challenges will have an impact on their children’s stability and well-being.

Children have the right to be happy while building relationships with the important adults in their lives, including their parents and stepparents. This can be done with both parents supporting the development of these relationships by keeping open, honest and positive conversations going with their children and by actively encouraging their children to spend time with the other adults in their lives. This can also work to prevent the feelings of guilt that children often experience when they spend time with one parent over the other.

Children should also be included in making decisions that will impact their lives whenever possible, such as those that affect their schedule and the time they spend with each parent. This can include encouraging children to build their support system not only through family but through healthy relationships with their peers.

Protecting the happiness and stability of children after parents split up begins during the planning process. During this period, parents can seek help from a family law lawyer. A lawyer may provide guidance in designing a parenting plan and during negotiations with the other parent.