The benefits of divorce mediation and timelines

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

Some Texas couples considering divorce feel that they have to go through litigation. However, an alternative method to this expensive court process is divorce mediation. While divorce mediation has many benefits over litigation, it’s a process that can take some time.

Mediation is a process that facilitates direct negotiation between former couples. Each person may still have an attorney to ensure the process is fair under state guidelines. The ultimate goal is to create a settlement agreement whereas in litigation, if the marriage turned nasty, the former couple may feel the need to discuss every single inequity during the proceedings. Furthermore, mediation allows for the former couple to solely focus on the issues surrounding the divorce, such as property division and child custody.

The length of the mediation process can depend on the former couple’s circumstances. For example, if the former couple has no young children, attempted to reconcile in the past with a mediator or been separated for a long period of time before attempting to mediate, the process may be shorter. On the other hand, if the marriage was longer, a former spouse has an unconventional work schedule or there are complex retirement assets to divide up, mediation can take more time.

No divorce is free of stress. However, for those who attempt to work together to reach a resolution, the process can become easier. A mediator may help former couples resolve their differences and reach an agreement that works best for their families, especially if there are young or school-age children involved. Depending on the former couple’s circumstances, the mediator could assist with making decisions around property division, child custody and any potential financial challenges caused by the impending divorce.