Deciding child custody

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Child Custody

Parents in Texas who are in disputes regarding child custody should know that there are multiple factors the family courts will examine to render a decision. It is also important that parents are aware that the courts have the responsibility of determining what is in the best interest of the children.

How old the children are is one factor that is considered when determining child custody arrangements. The courts want to ensure that the children will have some consistency. The older the children are, the more willing the courts may be to entertaining different arrangements.

The preferences of both parents are also taken into account. This does not mean that both parties will get the child arrangement that they want, but they should be prepared to voice their wishes.

Other factors that are evaluated include the type of relationship the children have with each parent and the physical and mental health of all parties involved. Whether or not each parent are open to facilitating and support the children’s continuing relationship with the other parent is also examined, as the courts do not want an arrangement that will allow one parent to hinder the children’s relationship with the ex-spouse.

The courts will also factor in which parent has been contributing to the majority of the children’s care. Again, the courts want the custody arrangement to provide consistency for the children. The custody decision can be influenced by whether one parent travels a lot while the other parent provides day-to-day care.

A family law attorney might advise clients who are seeking child custody about what legal avenues should be pursued to obtain the custody terms they desire. The attorney may explain which factors of a client’s case may impact the court’s custody decision.