Don’t rush to befriend your ex just because you share children

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The period immediately following a divorce is one of great change. You have to adjust to living as a single person and taking care of things on your own. When you have children, this can be very difficult. Communicating with your ex may be challenging, but you know that you have to since you share children.

You might notice the families on television and in the media that have both parents supporting a child seeming like friends despite the fact that they have divorced. While this might be your ultimate goal, you need to remember that this will take time. You can’t just force it all to happen at once because you may cause yourself undue stress.

Focus on the children

You and your ex have time to work on becoming friends, so it is best to focus on the children right now. You need to give your emotions time to heal after the divorce. There might be circumstances that bring up old feelings. This is especially true if your ex has moved on and has a new significant other.

By placing the focus on the kids, you can make sure that you are helping them through the transition time to living between two homes. It also gives you time to find out what they need to make things easier for them.

Plan for the future

Plan for what you want to do in the future so that you can work toward those goals. Giving yourself something to look forward to can help you to make the necessary changes. One thing that you shouldn’t do is to hold out false hope that you are going to be able to reconcile with your ex. It is best to move on completely.

Set personal boundaries

When you and your ex do start to become more friendly, you need to set your personal boundaries. These might be that neither adult delves into the persona life of the other unless there is an issue that is directly impacting the kids or that you won’t speak about each other to mutual friends. You can also set boundaries for how you interact with your ex. For example, decide that you will always be respectful and calm when you are communicating with your ex.

As time passes, you and your ex might transition to friends. Just remember that you do still need to follow the parenting plan. If the current plan isn’t working, you can always seek a modification with your San Marcos legal team.