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Don't rush to befriend your ex just because you share children

The period immediately following a divorce is one of great change. You have to adjust to living as a single person and taking care of things on your own. When you have children, this can be very difficult. Communicating with your ex may be challenging, but you know that you have to since you share children.

Dealing with a divorce in the workplace

One difficult aspect of divorce for people in Texas might be keeping talk of the divorce out of the office, but it is necessary to do so. The stress of divorce can negatively affect a person's work performance, and talking about the divorce or other personal issues at work may cause problems later if any coworkers are deposed as part of the process.

How divorce affects retirement savings

As a couple goes through the divorce process in Texas, they have many things to think about. If they are parents, there are questions of custody that need to be addressed. If they are homeowners, they need to resolve questions about property division. During the divorce process, it is easy to be focused on the here and now and the emotions that divorce kicks up. However, divorcing individuals also need to think about their future, particularly how the financial decisions they are making now will affect them when they reach retirement.

Things to avoid during a high-asset divorce

A number of Texas residents have likely followed the divorce of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos. A topic that may be of interest to many is how the divorcing couple will be able to divide the wealth that their business was able to accumulate. Unquestionably, dividing up an estate as large as this one is going to be complicated.

Awarding joint child custody

Fathers in Texas who wanted shared child custody after a divorce were typically disappointed for the most part of the 20th century because family courts tended to favor the mothers when awarding child custody. However, during the last three decades, there has been a marked difference in how the courts have been handling child custody: It has become increasingly common for the family courts to encourage or even insist on mutual agreements that include shared custody.

Help your children find stability between 2 homes during divorce

There are many changes that come with a divorce, but the ones that might be the most difficult to handle are those that involve the children. These are often more complex because you have to help the kids learn how to adjust to the new way of life. One of the most challenging things that they can have problems with is learning how to live between two homes.

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