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February 2019 Archives

Business owners have more to lose in a divorce

The economic aspects of a divorce can be quite divisive for separating spouses. For many Texas couples, financial disagreements are what led to the divorce in the first place. If one or both partners own a business, the property division process can be even more complicated. Factors such as whether the business was started before or after the marriage and how much growth the business experienced during the marriage are relevant issues in determining how the assets will be handled.

How divorce can impact retirement

Those in Texas and throughout the country who get a divorce may want to account for how it could impact their retirement. This is a good idea regardless of how long into the future a person wants to stop working. Almost any type of retirement account could be divided in a divorce even if there is only one name on the document. An IRA is an example of an account with one name on it that could be considered marital property.

The benefits of divorce mediation

For many couples in Texas and throughout the country, mediation could be an effective alternative to resolving a divorce case in court. One of the key benefits of going through mediation is the ability to have more control over the process. During the mediation process, both sides work with a trained professional to work through problems and express their needs. Another benefit of mediation is that it often costs less than litigation.

What parents should know about visitation rights

In most cases, noncustodial parents in Texas are granted visitation rights to their children. However, there are circumstances in which a judge will deny visitation to a parent. Typically, this is because doing so could put the child in physical danger or pose emotional or mental health threats. A judge could require that a parent complete anger management classes or participate in a rehab program as a condition of obtaining visitation in the future.

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