Mediation can make your divorce faster, cheaper and more private

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For some people, the potential issues that come with divorce are so frightening that they would prefer to stay in an unhappy marriage than face the reality of divorce. The idea of airing dirty laundry in court, relinquishing control to a judge and spending so much money just to end a marriage can seem ridiculous. Thankfully, those in Texas who want to end their marriage have more options than just a contentious, litigated divorce.

Individuals can also choose to file for uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is one where the divorcing couple provides the courts with their own asset division determination and custody plan. The courts simply review these for legality and then grant the divorce.

Just because you don’t currently agree with your spouse about the terms for ending your marriage doesn’t mean that fighting in court is your only option. Mediation might help you find terms for an uncontested divorce.

Mediation gives you both control over the outcome of proceedings

Unlike a court-based divorce, where a judge has the ultimate say in what happens to your assets and your children, mediation lets you and your ex work together to find solutions for your family. Although compromise is a necessary part of mediation, you will be empowered to seek the assets and terms that matter the most to you while compromising on issues of lesser importance.

Provided that both spouses come to mediation with the intention of working together and filing an uncontested divorce, it is usually possible for even spouses who are not currently speaking to each other to find workable solutions through professional mediation.

Mediation is faster and often less expensive than other divorces

When you go to mediation, you and your ex sit down with your individual attorneys and a neutral third-party mediator. The mediator helps facilitate compromise and negotiation, while your individual attorneys look out for your best interests.

Some people can finish mediation negotiations in as little as a single day. Others may need multiple sessions, but it can still be much faster than going through a protracted battle in court. The less time you take in court, the fewer costs you will rack up. You will save on court costs and attorney fees with a successful mediation effort.

As a final perk, the discussions you have in mediation are usually confidential. Unless the courts subpoena the records from the mediation session, what you say in mediation will remain private. This is in sharp contrast to divorce proceedings, which are public record and therefore accessible by anyone.

If you want to end your marriage and worry about the time, stress and expense of a traditional divorce, mediation could give you the fresh start you need without all the stress and drama of a court-based divorce.