Child custody agreements involve compromise

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Child Custody

As a divorce enters its final stages and the reality of establishing two separate households for a family that came from one is fully realized, nothing is more vital than creating a child custody agreement that recognizes the needs of the children. While it is certainly true that each Texas family member is important, the kids have never experienced anything other than a life with Mom and Dad in the same home, and how this new transition evolves will likely play a critical role in the type of relationship they have with each parent moving forward.

Family relationship professionals counsel parents to look at things from their kids’ perspectives. By creating as little disruption in the children’s lives while emphasizing the new opportunities and adventures on the horizon, parents can sooth some of the pain. If the kids are the appropriate age, it is wise to encourage their input without turning full control for the decision over to them. After all, they know their schedules for activities better than anyone.

What is essential is constructing a child custody schedule that is practical and can work while understanding and being flexible when bumps in the road occur. The worst approach is to use the kids as pawns to get back at the ex. When the parents can reach an agreement on child custody issues, it is possible to present the plan to the court for approval. Otherwise, the court will make a ruling and final order that may not please anyone involved.

Child custody issues revolve around the fundamental standard of what is in the best interest of the child. A family law attorney can explain the legal rights and responsibilities of the parties in a divorce.