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Research suggests joint custody of children should be the norm

Some parents in Texas fight for sole custody during a divorce because of a belief that it's better for children to have a more stable life with one parent. However, there's compelling research coupled with insights from experts suggesting this isn't the case. Barring instances where a child may be in dangerous or unsafe situations around a parent, it's generally advised that divorcing partners consider joint custody to keep kids involved in both parents' lives.

How entrepreneurs could protect themselves during a divorce

When entrepreneurs in Texas get divorced, they face a unique set of financial challenges and concerns. Whether a divorcing entrepreneur is a sole proprietor or shares a business with his or her spouse, he or she needs to have a clear idea of the value of his or her company.

The role of alienation in custody disputes

Texas residents and others may be familiar with something called Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). It is a theory that suggests people will say or do things to turn their children against the other parent. However, in some cases, individuals will claim parental alienation as a method of committing emotional abuse against their former spouses. Essentially, the claim is fabricated in an effort to exert some sort of control over someone after a marriage is over.

A child visitation schedule is often an alternative to custody

When divorcing parents in Texas are unable to reach an agreement regarding child custody, the court may need to take action. In many cases, custody will be split between parents with children rotating their time between two households. However, it's also quite common for one parent to be granted sole custody with the other being issued visitation rights through a set schedule.

Coping with divorce during the holidays

The holidays have arrived, and many Texas families are struggling with how to plan celebrations after going through a separation or divorce. This situation may feel overwhelming, but it can be successfully managed if everyone communicates and focuses on what's best for the children.

How can you afford child support?

Most people know that child support payments are designed to be a percentage of income. If a parent makes $7,500 or less a month, then it's normal to use a percentage to calculate how much the parent will pay. For instance, one child should be given around 20 percent of net resources each month. Two would get 25 percent.

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