Planning for divorce makes sense

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2018 | Divorce Mediation

With the divorce rate remaining at about 50 percent in the country, Texas couples might want to think about and prepare for the possibility of divorce. While most happily married couples would dismiss this idea, it makes sense to be prepared for the future because there are many unknowns.

If a divorce does happen, the negotiation for separation of assets during divorce mediation might come as a surprise for residents who were not clear about their finances during the marriage. For this reason, experts recommend extensive preparation before the process even starts. The way to begin this is with some soul-searching to figure out if divorce is the right option. Divorce is expensive, emotional and a very difficult decision to make. Making the decision is then followed by research. It is a good idea to become knowledgeable about divorce laws within the state, the options available for divorce and how much the divorce will cost.

Once this is done, making a plan for organizing and gathering documents is the next thing to do. During this period, residents should be collecting bank and other account statements, closing the joint accounts they are allowed to close and making a budget to reflect their post-divorce life so that they can anticipate what they will need, which will influence how they negotiate with their ex-spouse.

When this part of the process is completed, the time is right to seek out a family law lawyer. A lawyer may help with the organization of the documents, further explain the process and the legislation, assist with filling out and filing the correct forms and represent their client in negotiations and in court. A lawyer may be a valuable asset during the three stages of divorce: filing, gathering of financial documents and disposition, whether this is through mediation or court appearances.