What not to do when creating a parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Child Custody

During a divorce, dealing with custody issues can be difficult for some Texas parents. That’s why it’s important to create a fair parenting schedule. To avoid problems during the scheduling process, however, there are certain things that parents should avoid.

If parents are not able to act in an amicable manner, they may attempt to use the parenting schedule as a way to get back at their former spouse. For example, one ex-spouse may try to force the other to take the kids on their work nights, preventing that parent from actually getting to use their custody time.

In addition, some adults are insistent on making a parenting schedule that is convenient for themselves. This could mean that parents try to keep the kids for a full week at a time or only take days that are most convenient. However, adults should remember that the goal of a parenting schedule is to provide kids with the ability to maintain ongoing relationships with both parents. This may mean that the parenting schedule will not be the most convenient schedule for either parent.

Creating the parenting schedule is just one issue that many former spouses may have to deal with when going through a child custody dispute. While some ex-spouses can work together amicably and create a schedule that everyone is comfortable with, there are others who simply cannot. A family law attorney may represent a parent during the child custody negotiations. Legal counsel could help create a feasible schedule that gives the client the appropriate amount of time they need to maintain a strong relationship with the children.