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July 2018 Archives

Co-parenting requires long-term emotional commitment

As many Texas residents know firsthand, co-parenting can be a challenge. This is true even for ex-spouses who separated on relatively amicable terms. When a child grows, new challenges could push an ex-spouse's emotional resolution to the limit. This is especially true if each spouse has their own parenting style.

Inherited IRAs and property division during divorce

Sorting out financial and property division issues can be some of the most complex aspects of the end of a Texas marriage. This is especially true when the couple has significant assets or has been married for many years, as their property is often deeply intertwined or may be held in a number of investment accounts and funds. Retirement accounts are often among the most significant assets divided during a divorce and frequently represent the largest single part of a couple's marital property.

Those who spend more on the wedding more likely to get divorced

With divorce rates in Texas and across the nation hovering at about 50 percent, there have been many studies searching for reasons why divorces occur. One study found that the amount of money that a couple spends on a wedding could be a risk indicator for whether or not the marriage will end in divorce.

Divorce can impact your finances and standard of living

Going through a divorce is a shock for some individuals, not because they didn't expect it to happen but because they don't realize the financial implications of the split. Throughout a marriage, you become accustomed to a specific standard of living. You might be facing a difficult transition once you take a look at your finances.

What not to do when creating a parenting schedule

During a divorce, dealing with custody issues can be difficult for some Texas parents. That's why it's important to create a fair parenting schedule. To avoid problems during the scheduling process, however, there are certain things that parents should avoid.

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