Benefits of mediation

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Divorce Mediation

The divorce process typically requires a fair amount of decision-making and negotiation. Therefore, when couples in Texas and elsewhere go through a divorce, tensions that have created problems in the marriage can often boil over. This is especially true in high-asset divorces as well as when a couple has minor children.

Historically, couples have been expected to negotiate things like child custody, support payments and asset division either on their own or through their attorneys. If negotiations broke down, the case would have to go to court. However, there is now another option: mediation.

During mediation, a trained professional acts as a neutral party during discussions between the couple. The mediator can help guide these discussions so that decisions about financial and parenting issues can be worked out between the spouses. Since the mediator is not working for either spouse, the process can be much less adversarial.

The advantages to divorce mediation are often significant. Couples who work with a mediator often report less stress and less animosity. The emotional benefits alone are valuable, particularly if the couple will be co-parenting children after the divorce. In many cases, the couple will also save money as there is less negotiating for the lawyers to do.

People who are considering getting divorced may benefit from consulting with a family law attorney in addition to a mediator. A lawyer may be able to review a person’s case and help him or her understand what he or she can expect from the divorce process. If mediation is successful, an attorney may be able to help someone present the agreement to the court and so he or she can quickly receive a divorce.