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April 2018 Archives

Who's going to pay for summer camp?

As the school year winds down, you've likely begun to think about your summer plans. Your kids certainly are. Unlike previous summers, though, this may be your first summer flying solo as a single parent. Or, you could be considering divorce or already in the midst of the process. Whatever your situation, this summer will bring unique challenges to you.

Child custody mediation can lead to positive co-parenting

For many parents in Texas who have made the decision to divorce, resolving child custody and visitation issues can be some of the most complex matters associated with the end of the marriage. While the parents may be comfortable with the end of their personal or romantic relationship, it can be challenging for parents to consider having significantly reduced time with their children. All too frequently, custody can turn into a contentious, expensive and emotionally stressful battle.

Financial divorce risks increase with age

Individuals considering a marital split later in life must often deal with increased financial repercussions related to the aging process. Texans over 50 should realize that divorcing later in life means less time to recoup financial losses or establish individual incomes than if the same events happen during their younger years. More older couples are facing a financial reckoning with continued increases in the over-50 divorce rate.

Dealing with financial separation in a divorce

When couples in Texas decide to divorce, disentangling marital finances can be complicated. In fact, for many divorcing couples, the financial aspects of the end of a marriage can far outweigh the personal or emotional consequences. In addition, when considering the future after divorce, it can be particularly important to prepare for a healthy financial life, especially for couples who choose to separate later than life and have fewer opportunities to rebuild their assets. When people are planning for divorce, it can be important to take steps to protect one's financial health.

Is getting fired because of divorce illegal discrimination?

Not only is discrimination in the workplace unacceptable, but it's also illegal. People have been fired for their race, color of their skin, being pregnant, and more, but did you know that there have been cases in which workers have been fired after announcing they were getting divorced? 

Resolving marital debt and credit in divorce

The credit you've worked so hard to build teeters precariously when you are in the middle of a divorce. If you are like many divorcing couples and simply choose to live apart without a formalized separation agreement, you are still on the hood for debt racked up by the other spouse. 

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