How to negotiate a parenting agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2018 | Child Custody

Texas parents who are getting a divorce may want to work toward an agreement that is good for their children regardless of how much conflict exists between them. It is possible for them to set aside that conflict and co-parent successfully if they follow a few tips.

First, parents may want to consider working with attorneys who use alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation. This means the attorneys will focus on getting couples to cooperate and reach a mutually beneficial solution instead of taking the adversarial approach involved in litigation. One thing that may help parents is to think of each other as business partners with the same aim of raising a healthy child regardless of their feelings toward one another. They will need to put together a parenting agreement, and attorneys can help if the estranged couple is unable to work together on this. Parents can also make a plan for conflict resolution that may be useful in the years ahead.

Each parent should encourage the child’s relationship with the other one and communicate about what is happening in the child’s life. Parents should also be flexible about schedule changes but establish clear boundaries and try to treat one another fairly.

Child custody can be a difficult aspect of divorce negotiations because it is such an emotional issue, but it may help if parents focus on the best interests of the child as a judge would. It is possible to request modifications in child custody agreements later if there are changes in circumstances such as the need for one parent to relocate for job or family reasons.