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How to co-parent with a toxic ex

In ideal situations, divorced spouses in Texas and elsewhere can get along well enough to peacefully co-parent their children. However, some exes have toxic personalities that make co-parenting difficult or impossible. Here are some tips on dealing with former spouses who refuse to get along for the sake of the kids.

First, experts recommend that parents learn to accept what they can't change and focus on controlling the things that they can. This means parents should control their own behavior and do their best to ignore the behavior of their ex. This process can be made easier when parents recognize the communication patterns they have with their ex and seek to avoid situations that trigger them. Meanwhile, parents should be sure to set new boundaries that prevent them from being baited into fights or other emotionally unhealthy situations. For example, if parents only communicate with their toxic ex on a co-parenting app and block them on social media, they can limit unnecessary and unpleasant interactions.

Hiring a divorce financial specialist

When couples living in Texas decide to end their marriages, finances are often a primary consideration. This is particularly true when the couple has a high net worth. In some cases, it may be advisable for both spouses to retain advice from financial specialists.

It is not unusual for couples of more modest means to rely on the advice of their respective attorneys when it comes to a financial settlement. Spouses with more wealth may also opt to hire certified public accountants to assist in determining tax liabilities. In a high-asset divorce, however, there may be a need for an even deeper level of specialization.

How to determine a visitation schedule for an infant

When Texas parents of infants are going through a divorce, it might mean they need to work out a visitation schedule for the child. This can start small, with visits that are just around a half an hour or several hours a few times each week. The aim at this early change is to allow the child and parent to bond, and this will be enough time to establish the connection.

Some primary caregivers may struggle with giving up the child even for a few hours. For a new parent, it can seem that no one else will be able to interpret the child's needs. However, the other parent can learn just as the custodial parent did. The custodial parent can talk to the other parent about the baby's routines. Visits can be scheduled around these routines as well.

Prepare for your divorce mediation sessions

Determining that you want to divorce your spouse is a big life change, and telling them that you want to end the marriage is likely going to be a challenging situation. One thing that you don't need to do during that discussion is hash out the terms of the divorce. Instead, you can do this during the mediation session that utilizes a neutral third-party to help you stay on track and make choices about property division and child custody.

When you go through divorce mediation, you and your ex can make decisions that are mutually agreeable. Often, this is a more amicable process than going through a divorce trial. If you are going to do this, there are a few ways that you can prepare.

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