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Handling co-parenting problems: Working through the past

There's no question that working with your ex-husband or ex-wife to raise your child could be difficult. You're no longer married for good reason, but you know the importance of raising your child together.

You want to stay on the same page when it comes to your child, but your ex is making it difficult. You're facing trouble with your ex crossing boundaries you're not comfortable with and allowing your child to do things you don't approve of.

New tax law makes a big change to alimony

Divorcing couples in Texas may be interested in changes to the tax law that could affect them financially. Alimony will no longer be taxable or deductible after the new law takes effect in 2019. The change reportedly has divorcing couples and even some lawyers confused.

Alimony law has always been decided by the individual states. Regardless of the state, alimony recipients have needed to pay taxes on their alimony, and alimony payers used to deduct their payments on their tax returns. Under the new tax code, this will change for divorces filed after December 31, 2018. Alimony will no longer be deductible, nor will recipients have to pay taxes on it.

How to negotiate a parenting agreement

Texas parents who are getting a divorce may want to work toward an agreement that is good for their children regardless of how much conflict exists between them. It is possible for them to set aside that conflict and co-parent successfully if they follow a few tips.

First, parents may want to consider working with attorneys who use alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation. This means the attorneys will focus on getting couples to cooperate and reach a mutually beneficial solution instead of taking the adversarial approach involved in litigation. One thing that may help parents is to think of each other as business partners with the same aim of raising a healthy child regardless of their feelings toward one another. They will need to put together a parenting agreement, and attorneys can help if the estranged couple is unable to work together on this. Parents can also make a plan for conflict resolution that may be useful in the years ahead.

Tech industry divorces in Texas can be complex

Divorce is always a difficult time for people facing the end of a marriage. There are an array of personal, practical and emotional challenges that accompany a divorce, and coordinating the separation of a combined life can be one of the foremost difficulties. This is especially true when the financial complexities of a high-asset divorce are present.

The tech industry has a strong basis in innovative development and entrepreneurship, including the creation of numerous small startup companies, that can pose interesting challenges during divorce. Before a company is sold or made available for investment through a public offering, it can be difficult to properly assess the value of a startup.

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