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How much and how long? Paying alimony in Texas

When going through a divorce, the dreaded A-word often pops up somewhere along the way: alimony. Will you have to pay your ex-wife alimony? If so, how much will you have to give her every month? How long with the payments last? Will this be a lifelong thing or at some point will the court decide it is enough and let you stop making payments? These might be a few questions you have concerning alimony laws in Texas.

If you are considering divorce, an experienced attorney in the San Marcos area can help you through the process. From handling your questions about property division, custody and spousal support, a skilled attorney can make a difference.

Help! How can you afford child support?

As a parent going through a divorce, you know there is a likelihood that you could need to pay for child support if you are not the primary custodian of your child. The money is intended to help make up for the lost income in a single-parent household. It's there to support your child's education, daily needs and other necessities.

While you know you would pay child support willingly, it may be hard to understand how you could afford it, especially if you don't earn much now or already have your budget stretched.

A shared parenting plan for divorced fathers

As a father going through the divorce process, you may have many concerns about your future relationship with your child. For example, you may be concerned that your ex-wife will get to spend more time with your child.

Your goal is simple: to fight for your legal rights, ensuring that you get to have a hand in raising your child.

5 things to know about late-life divorce

You dedicated your life to raising your children and taking care of your home. While he was in college, you worked two jobs to pay the bills. After he graduated, you took on the role of homemaker and mother.

You sole job was managing the home. Now, here you are, in your mid-sixties facing divorce. How will you be able to live? You haven't had a resume for more than 30 years, so getting a job will be difficult.


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