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At the law firm of M. J. Hill & Associates, PLLC, in San Marcos, Texas, we understand that many couples enter into divorce proceedings hoping to resolve matters fairly and efficiently in order to minimize the disruption to their lives.

We work closely with each client to sort through the numerous issues that must be addressed. Family law lawyer Matthew J. Hill has years of experience working in family law courts throughout South Central Texas. This allows us to provide clients with insights on how a family court judge may rule in their cases, which can serve as motivation to reach a resolution in the negotiation phase, or help clients make informed determinations of what issues to take to trial.

To learn what your best options are in a divorce in Texas, call M. J. Hill & Associates, PLLC, at 512-212-4916.

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Efficient And Cost-Effective Divorce Representation

Our typical clients may be doctors, professors, engineers, nurses, business owners, financial advisors, and SAHM whose spouses are professionals.  We will listen closely to your goals regarding the dissolution of your marriage in order to determine which issues are worth standing your ground on and which ones are worth compromising on. In many instances, we recommend that a couple opt for an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces tend to be more cost-effective.  If there are minor children involved, uncontested divorces allow individuals to take more control over their child custody and visitation arrangements rather than relinquish those decisions to a family court judge.

Some people mistakenly assume that uncontested divorces are only for those couples who are in complete agreement on all divorce issues. Not so. We regularly help couples settle their differences and reach resolution through uncontested divorce. This allows them to save money, time, and a lot of emotional wear and tear.

While we are committed to resolving your case in an uncontested manner, we are always prepared to fight to protect your rights in court. It is our duty to zealously represent our clients' best interests. We believe this is best accomplished by hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

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Handling High-Asset Divorces, Protecting Your Assets in Divorce

When divorcing couples have a high net worth, which may include assets, such as businesses, well-funded retirement accounts, 401K, investments, multiple homes and numerous bank accounts, it is critical to rely on an experienced divorce attorney who handles high-asset divorces to protect their interests financially.

The family law firm of M. J. Hill & Associates, PLLC, in San Marcos, Texas, has extensive experience with complex financial issues in divorce cases. We have access to forensic accountants and other financial professionals who can accurately value your marital estate, determine the tax consequences of a potential property distribution agreement, and provide testimony, if necessary, in family court.

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Protecting your interests — Our lead family law lawyer Matthew J. Hill provides his clients with solutions-based representation. Through meticulous preparation, research and dedication, he helps clients reach equitable resolutions in most cases. When a settlement cannot be reached, he utilizes all his years of litigation and trial experience to fight for clients' interests in the courtroom.

Experienced In Complex Property Division Matters

There are a number of aspects common to high-asset divorce that we have experience with, including:

  • Small or family-owned businesses — Accurately assessing both value and debt, and determining whether one spouse or the other must sell his or her share of the business
  • Tax issues — Using proven legal and financial experts and consultants to minimize your tax consequences throughout your divorce
  • Prenuptial agreements — Determining what is valid and what can be ruled invalid

If you select our firm to represent you, our experienced divorce lawyer will work directly with you to develop strategies that will protect your rights and interests.

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